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Noun1.Christian year - the year in the ecclesiastical calendar; especially feast days and special seasons
holy day, religious holiday - a day specified for religious observance
twelvemonth, year, yr - a period of time containing 365 (or 366) days; "she is 4 years old"; "in the year 1920"
saint's day - a day commemorating a saint
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The shameful accounts we read, every week in the Christian year, my lords and gentlemen and honourable boards, the infamous records of small official inhumanity, do not pass by the people as they pass by us.
Rather than focusing upon the readings themselves, or upon the themes that unfold throughout the Christian year, Ramshaw identifies and discusses forty clusters of images that permeate the total body of readings.
He writes of congregations that regularly commission artwork to mark the seasons of the Christian year, and wonders what would happen if more church leaders would make a practice of commissioning artists to prepare materials for the worship and devotional life of their congregations.
Shopping becomes what Advent is meant to be the consuming preparation for one of the greatest feast of the Christian year.
Instead they are Sundays of Easter - the Easter season is not just one day or one week, but all the weeks until Pentecost, and that is good because Easter, the season when we rejoice that Jesus is alive now, is one of the two most important and most joyful seasons of the Christian year (Christmas is the other).
Because of the growing use of the Church Year (called the Christian Year in the 1946 Book of Common Worship), (20) a subcommittee was appointed at the September meeting.
Moslehi, Project Manager for IKIA at the Iran Ministry of Roads and Transportation, "the suitable date for the test exploitation of the airport is estimated near the end of the current Christian year [end of 2000].
So, this is actually the Christian year 2002 to 2004.
One absence appears to be the Christian year, poems celebrating the various festivals; but no.
Auguste, vice president of marketing at Leave a Little Room, said: "Easter is one of the most significant holidays of the Christian year.
McKelvy helps us see these authors' respective blockbusters, The Christian Year (1827) and The Lays of Ancient Rome (1842), as sophisticated and opposed responses to a dispute stimulated (in England) by Anglican clerics over the historical criticism of ancient and biblical texts.
1 of the Constitution is based on the Christian year, which is 365 days long (Article 9 of the Civil Code)

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