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Noun1.Christianisation - conversion to Christianity
conversion - a change of religion; "his conversion to the Catholic faith"
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On the other hand, Ancient Egypt should not be used to ralationalise the mass Christianisation of Africans by colonialists from the i6th century onwards.
Pomeranians, Rani and Luticians had resisted Christianisation up to the twelfth century, but now missionary activities started with the word and the sword.
A pagan could justifiably complain that it was the Christianisation of their simple traditions that led to the commercialisation of this time of year.
The school that was established in the colony's capital, Adelaide, in 1839 was a collaboration between the colonial administration, through the agency of a Protector of Aborigines, and German Lutheran missionaries who had been invited to South Australia to undertake the Christianisation component of the project.
ALINTIBAHA ): * Saisie d'une cellule sudiste qui exerce la christianisation a Khartoum.
Kirill rejected concerns about growing ties between his church and the state, saying what is happening is "not a merger but the Christianisation of society.