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 (krĭ-stē′nə) 1626-1689.
Queen of Sweden (1632-1654) who was a patron of learning and the arts. She abdicated her throne, converted to Catholicism, and settled in Rome.


(Biography) 1626–89, queen of Sweden (1632–54), daughter of Gustavus Adolphus, noted particularly for her patronage of literature


(krɪˈsti nə)

1626–89, queen of Sweden 1632–54.
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The lady, whose name was Dona Christina, received him with every sign of good-will and great courtesy, and Don Quixote placed himself at her service with an abundance of well-chosen and polished phrases.
Thus arrayed, and with an easy, sprightly, and gallant air, Don Quixote passed out into another room, where the student was waiting to entertain him while the table was being laid; for on the arrival of so distinguished a guest, Dona Christina was anxious to show that she knew how and was able to give a becoming reception to those who came to her house.
Macallan in her last illness--by name Christina Ormsay.
There the examination of the nurse, Christina Ormsay, came to an end.
Here is the substance of what the Dean of Faculty extracted from Christina Ormsay:
Christina Rossetti (1830-94), the sister of Dante Gabriel Rossetti, lived in London with her mother in the greatest seclusion, occupied with an ascetic devotion to the English Church, with her poetry, and with the composition, secondarily, of prose articles and short stories.
I do not wonder that these men go to see Cromwell and Christina and Charles the Second and James the First and the Grand Turk.
Don Bolaro Fizzgig--grandee--only daughter--Donna Christina--splendid creature--loved me to distraction--jealous father--high-souled daughter--handsome Englishman--Donna Christina in despair--prussic acid-- stomach pump in my portmanteau--operation performed--old Bolaro in ecstasies--consent to our union--join hands and floods of tears--romantic story--very.
Tupman said nothing; but he thought of Donna Christina, the stomach pump, and the fountain; and his eyes filled with tears.
Combining an innate business sense with fashion and style helps make Christina Kelly a true asset to her clients and business partners.
Christina was rushed back to see the attending doctor.
I might not be able to remember everything," says Christina, "but I know it was perfect and I remember how happy I felt.