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Christ 1

Jesus as considered in Christianity to be the Messiah.

Christ 2

The Messiah, as foretold by the prophets of the Hebrew Scriptures. Often used with the.

[Middle English Crist, from Old English Crīst, from Latin Chrīstus, from Greek Khrīstos, from khrīstos, anointed, verbal adj. of khrīein, to anoint; see ghrēi- in Indo-European roots.]

Christ′like′ adj.
Christ′li·ness n.
Christ′ly adj.


(Theology) resembling or showing the spirit of Jesus Christ
ˈChristˌlikeness n
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Adj.1.christlike - resembling or showing the spirit of Christ
christian - following the teachings or manifesting the qualities or spirit of Jesus Christ


[ˈkraɪstlaɪk] ADJcomo Cristo


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And so he who would lead a Christlike life is he who is perfectly and absolutely himself.
I have spoken of my admiration for General Armstrong, and yet he was but a type of that Christlike body of men and women who went into the Negro schools at the close of the war by the hundreds to assist in lifting up my race.
Even Hassel admits that "Richard is only devilish, not the beast himself; Richmond is Christlike, not Christ" (28).
In the past Beckham has featured in a range of poses ranging from Christlike to a Mohican.
The expression of our identity is most Christlike when diakonia embraces and serves not only those who are like ourselves but also those most likely to do us harm.
Given his Christlike attributes and his disciple's name, Simon Peter Gillayley--just a vowel shift from 'Galilee'--he is destined to be the redeemer, the rock on which to build anew.
Julia becomes the Christlike sacrificial figure in the novel, who bleeds like Christ on the cross.
5 The Second Order of Franciscans, called Poor Clares or Clarisse in honor of their foundress, was characterized by its strict clausura, severe asceticism, and humble Christlike poverty as detailed in Saint Clare's monastic rule.
Eliot through imposing a Sanskrit rather than Hebrew accent on his divine Thunder, and Joseph Conrad through making his repository of virtue (Marlowe) a Buddha-like rather than Christlike figure.
Growth will come when we look from God's perspective, God's reality, God's "new maths", and see the importance of others in Christlike love and humility.

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