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Christ 1

Jesus as considered in Christianity to be the Messiah.

Christ 2

The Messiah, as foretold by the prophets of the Hebrew Scriptures. Often used with the.

[Middle English Crist, from Old English Crīst, from Latin Chrīstus, from Greek Khrīstos, from khrīstos, anointed, verbal adj. of khrīein, to anoint; see ghrēi- in Indo-European roots.]

Christ′like′ adj.
Christ′li·ness n.
Christ′ly adj.


(Theology) resembling or showing the spirit of Jesus Christ
ˈChristˌlikeness n
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Adj.1.christlike - resembling or showing the spirit of Christ
christian - following the teachings or manifesting the qualities or spirit of Jesus Christ


[ˈkraɪstlaɪk] ADJcomo Cristo


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A Transformative Discipleship that Results in Christlikeness
One of the characteristics of this person described by Plantinga is longing: This person longs for "God and the beauty of God, for Christ and Christlikeness, for the dynamite of the Holy Spirit and spiritual maturity," for "other human beings," for "social justice," and for "nature" (p.
Put differently, one's professional work is the ideal space for spiritual formation into Christlikeness to take place, and this formation is for the sake of manifesting and demonstrating the goodness and peace (shalom) of God to a world that searches for it in all the wrong places (30-32).
These are very exciting times in the diocese of York as we mutually resource one another to build up the Body of Christ, to grow in Christlikeness, com mitment, partnership, in fluence and numbers.
While Holiday Potpourri has continued to grow and change, the parents and staff who diligently work to make it a reality keep one thing in mind--the original mission, which is to support FPDS as it plants seeds of Christlikeness in the hearts of their children while providing a quality academic education.
Traditional or classical spiritual disciplines such as prayer, Bible study and meditation, solitude and silence, fasting, worship, confession, fellowship, submission, service, and simplicity (Tan & Gregg, 1997) can therefore help prevent burnout as well as facilitate spiritual growth and Christlikeness (see Tan, 2011).
How would Christlikeness be demonstrated in the life of a farmer or pastoralist, of a fisherman or businessperson?
Part 3, mission and ecclesiology, provides practical insight into the following issues: indigenous partnerships and contextualization that help to overcome fears and prejudices; dialogue that moves toward relationship; authentic witness as it relates to the people of God, evangelism and the church; Christian spiritual missiology that challenges us to strive for Christlikeness and the restoration of the image of God as a witness in the real world; practical application of the position and work of a missionary as a learner and servant; and missional practice as applied to the eucharist.
Like Unamuno, Don Manuel "rejected Christianity but, on the other hand, became a believer in Christlikeness or Christhood" (Falconieri 138).
A great myth that keeps people in abusive relationships is that the suffering endured is somehow holy, even redemptive, in its Christlikeness.
According to our authors, basic convictions concerning God, human nature, forgiveness, Christlikeness, and the mission of the church ought to be rudimentary in the way that we approach value decisions in life.
He provided an example of Christlikeness that challenges all of us.