Christmas bells

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Noun1.Christmas bells - any of several plants of the genus Blandfordia having large orange or crimson flowers
flower - a plant cultivated for its blooms or blossoms
Blandfordia, genus Blandfordia - small genus of tuberous Australian perennial herbs
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Sure it was Ted, but pull the other one Hughie, it's got Christmas bells on.
This year's Christmas on A Great Street saw Orchard Road transformed into a magical world of kaleidoscopic displays with glistening Christmas bells and baubles.
His journey was sprinkled with magic as chimney sweeps, rocking robins and giant Christmas bells lined the way.
Christmas bells were included towards the end of the song to appeal to the lucrative Christmas singles market.
This new development must be ringing Christmas bells to the ears of Bethe Correia, Fallon Fox, Cris "Cyborg" Justino" and Cat Zingano.
Street musicians live loud enjoying singing As Christmas bells and shop tills go on ringing Music from a wealth of gifted talent Right before your eyes music songs are present.
All your victims can be reassured Now you''re off to the cells, ring those Christmas bells.
It may be summer but the Christmas bells are ringing in Wrexham as preparations have started on 2013's Christmas panto production.
Ring your friend, tell her your anxieties and be there with Christmas bells on
The riot of sound included Christmas bells, rabbit bells, Catholic incense bells and even a wind chime.
Keeping in mind the Christmas season, the shop also has cute Christmas bells for sale.
Michael Fassbender as Bobby Sands Will Ferrell jingles our Christmas bells