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Perhaps Hetty had had as much as that in Christmas boxes, and there was no knowing but she might have been childish enough to spend it in that way; she was such a young thing, and she couldn't help loving finery
I always have half-sovereigns and sovereigns for my Christmas boxes because I shall be a man, and you only have five-shilling pieces, because you're only a girl.
On that day they received Christmas boxes from their masters and were allowed to go home and spend the day with their loved ones.
Now, on December 25, which is Christmas day, masters would place money, small gifts and leftovers from Christmas dinner in gift boxes known as Christmas boxes.
The Christmas boxes include pyjamas, a DVD as well as some sweets and hot chocolate to be enjoyed by the children the night before Christmas.
An array of magic, music and make-believe follow in this production directed by Sally Cookson -- that has been called "an awfully big adventure" that "ticks and all Christmas boxes for adults and children.
These young men, far away from home, were sorely disappointed when their Christmas boxes in 1900 were not shipped to Manila.
Voluntary ex ante transparency notice: supply and delivery of parcels and christmas boxes of chocolate for seniors in the city of troyes.
Boxing Day is called in England from being the day on which Christmas boxes, or presents, are given to servants or others," says Chambers' Encyclopaedia of 1874.
And the company will also now be offering a comprehensive range of specialty Christmas boxes, which are ideal for shipping gifts to friends and family across the country.
Just as milkmen delivering the daily pintas to our doorsteps are becoming a thing of the past, so it seems are Christmas boxes.
The cathedral will host carols on Saturday and Sunday at the start of advent and charity Link To Hope will be collecting Christmas boxes donated for needy children in Romania.