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Noun1.Christmas carol - joyful religious song celebrating the birth of ChristChristmas carol - joyful religious song celebrating the birth of Christ
religious song - religious music for singing
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In the course of the night the free trappers surrounded the lodge of the Pierced-nose chief and in lieu of Christmas carols, saluted him with a feude joie.
Out in the garden stood a stately snow maiden, crowned with holly, bearing a basket of fruit and flowers in one hand, a great roll of music in the other, a perfect rainbow of an Afghan round her chilly shoulders, and a Christmas carol issuing from her lips on a pink paper streamer.
The Christmas carol, with its hammer-like rhythm, had fallen on his ears as strange music, quite unlike a hymn, and could have none of the effect Dolly contemplated.
Christmas carols performed on candle lights in Melbourne- photo courtesy of Flickr CAIRO -- 27 December 2017: Although Christmas Carols were only recognized as tailored songs only for Christmas season, most of these carols were not originally created for Christmas season.
0121 345 0600 MUSIC Christmas Carols with Birmingham Bach Choir Join in the singing of such familiar carols as O Come All Ye Faithful, O Little Town of Bethlehem and Hark The Herald Angels, as well as listening to the choir perform John Rutter's Dormi Jesu, R Rodney Bennett's Lullaby Baby, and Tomas Luis de Victoria's 16th century motet, O Magnum Mysterium.
Directed by Keith Myers and Starring Trish Adudu (BBC Coventry and Warwickshire) as the ghost of Christmas Present, this new stage adaptation features original Christmas Carols and songs by Elliot Wallis, a fantastic cast of local children and Victorian heartwarming magic
The holiday season is creeping up, which means two months' worth of Christmas carols is in order.
There will be a wonderful array of Christmas carols and readings from special guests as we look forward to the Christmas festivities.
Lessons and Carols Traditional pipe organ music, stories about Christ's birth, Christmas carols and cocoa and cookies, 4 p.
There are so many Christmas carols, from traditional ones to more modern classics, but everyone has their own personal favourite.
95 Christmas Carols in Chester Cathedral Departs 4 December 2010 Join us on this ever popular, festive break to Chester and the stunning setting of the cathedral for an exclusive Christmas concert performed by the Cathedral Nave Choir.
Fairmont Nile City said it received the official decree two days before Christmas carols were scheduled to start in their lobby.