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Christo explained that they may help alleviate the condition, which is caused by the repetitive motion of looking down to text message or using social media apps on a phone.
Rescuers got Sherly Eapen and Christo out of the car, but both succumbed on way to the hospital.
Christo IT Services already ensure data recovery through their Five Layers of Backup[TM].
Woman's Day also reported that 20-year-old Bianca and 26-year-old Christo were reportedly together all the time, especially during the Instant Restaurant round when the other teams go out for drinks.
Christo is one of the world's most influential artists, and his unrivalled knowledge as well as infectious enthusiasm has enthused students and young people across the UAE in recent years.
We will have the results when I go back to Germany," Christo told 7DAYS after visiting the sculpture site, which is more than 100km from Abu Dhabi.
Inspired by the colours of the desert and the tall sand dunes, Christo and his late wife Jeanne-Claude came up with the idea 30 years ago but its completion has been delayed by conflicts in the region.
DOORtoCOOR was hired by Jakobson properties, a no-fee rental property management firm, to ensure the property adds to, rather than detracts from, the neighborhood's attractiveness and pride, according to Christo.
Having finished fifth in his maiden British F3 campaign in 2009, the second-highest British driver and claiming the Rookie of the Year title last year, Christo was forced to step back down to the Formula Renault UK Championship and a partial season due to financial restrictions.
Christo used a CT scanner to guide the placement of the needle in the patient's anterior scalene muscle in the neck.
The Power went into the invitational South African Masters the 4-11 favourite and after swatting home hope Christo Meiring 4-1, blitzed John Part 5-2 before beating James Wade 6-4 in the final in Johannesburg.
A Greek Orthodox priest and pastor in Delaware, Christo here follows up on his 2006 The Church's Identity Established through Images according to Saint John Chrysostom by looking at how Chrysostom, (347-407) the patriarch and patron saint of Constantinople, described the transmission of the holy spirit and religious authority in the first centuries of Christianity.