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a.1.Making Christ the center, about whom all things are grouped, as in religion or history; tending toward Christ, as the central object of thought or emotion.
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Some years earlier, specifically in the early nineties, I had written a column titled 'Rivers In The Desert', a Christocentric motivational in the Saturday edition of the newspaper.
The conventional notion of missio Dei, a Western contextual theology of mission, has been, however, proved too limiting in an interdependent pluralist society: the church has been too tied to the ecclesiastical concern for church order and confessional formulas, and to Christocentric universalism as an illusion of Western Christian inclusivism, to be an incarnating community in the midst of the real life of the people.
He shows how the theology presents a highly Christocentric vision for the community's beliefs, commitments, and shared practices.
He concluded with classic experimental piety, expressed in Christocentric terms: "Christ dwelleth in no temple but in the heart of a believer, whose house are ye.
also identifies a Christocentric view of ethics in some of Ramsey's work.
Pope Benedict XVI described it as a "contemplative and Christocentric prayer, inseparable from the meditation of Sacred Scripture.
When Christ comes to the margins and, in favor of the margins, resists domination, we discover Christocentric postcolonialism (31).
In a sense, the framework for Christian environmental ethics has already been established by multiple other authors, and True North mainly summarizes the recent literature; however, Liederbach and Bible's Christocentric perspective, rather than the human or Earth-centered arguments found even in some Christian environmental literature, adds to creation-care theology and enhances the "framework.
In order to be authentic, evangelization is to be both theocentric and christocentric, announcing God's desire for the universal salvation of humankind through the redemptive hand of Jesus.
I confess that my scheming is egocentric when as a Christian, my thinking, planning and doing should be moving towards becoming Christocentric.
The text explores how the New Testament writers reinterpreted Jewish scriptures in light of Jesus' life, teachings, death, and resurrection, producing thoroughly Christocentric readings.
Those works were followed by a philosophical treatise on "actualized possibility," and a Christocentric appraisal and refutation of the Koran, Cribratio Alkorani.