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n. pl. Chris·tol·o·gies
1. The theological study of the person and deeds of Jesus.
2. A doctrine or theory based on Jesus or Jesus's teachings.

Chris′to·log′i·cal (krĭs′tə-lŏj′ĭ-kəl) adj.


(krɪˈstɒlədʒɪ; kraɪ-)
(Theology) the branch of theology concerned with the person, attributes, and deeds of Christ
Christological adj
Chrisˈtologist n


(krɪˈstɒl ə dʒi)

n., pl. -gies.
theological interpretation of the nature, person, and deeds of Christ.
Chris•to•log•i•cal (ˌkrɪs tlˈɒdʒ ɪ kəl) adj.
Chris•tol′o•gist, n.


the branch of theology that studies the personality, attitudes, and life of Christ. — Christological, adj.
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Noun1.Christology - a religious doctrine or theory based on Jesus or Jesus' teachings
theological doctrine - the doctrine of a religious group
2.Christology - the branch of theology concerned with the person and attributes and deeds of Christ
Christian theology - the teachings of Christian churches
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I have rather argued--I hope forcefully and extremely carefully, for the first time in a comprehensive monograph, how the apokatastasis doctrine is biblically, philosophically, and especially christologically grounded in its patristic supporters.
He is wrong, though, to assume that the novel must necessarily be read Christologically at all.
Additionally, Loder affirms a Christologically focused integrative development.
For Ransom, however, water is the medium in which he battles Weston after pursuing him through the Perelandran sea on the back of a fish (which we might be tempted to interpret Christologically were it not that Weston is riding one too).
The shift was fundamental: from a Christologically based understanding of the church having a mission in the world to a Trinitarian understanding that God's mission in the world has a church.
Among these principles: the Lord's Day as the primary Christian festival of both creation and redemption, the scriptural basis of observances marked on a christologically focused liturgical calendar, the use of three readings plus a psalm over a three-year course that includes representation from all four Gospels and a wide selection from Acts and the epistles, and a typological connection between the two Testaments.
9) The written Word is to be interpreted christologically, and "the medium of [God's] revelation is completely incarnational.
The Christologically authorized and capacious point of the church is not to commend itself but God and the universal commonwealth of all persons and creatures and things in relation to God.
The text of the Old Testament is still interpreted christologically, indeed much too christologically, from twenty-first century standards.
His topics include the phenomena of the human and the nature of a christologically determined dialogues, and christological adequacy and non-reductive forms of physicalism.
I do not see this as in any way distorting the Christological "Lordship" of Jesus Christ, but as an attempt to express that Lordship in such a way that the relationship it describes is not seen exclusively in terms of a socially fixed hierarchy, which is not what is intended christologically.
For all the sympathy it may project onto Wuornos' plight, this independent Hollywood film conveys "lesbian violence" as an allegory par excellence of right-libertarian crusade, of Bush II's fundamentalist global venture conceived and justified christologically as seat of transnational redemption.