Christopher Columbus

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Noun1.Christopher Columbus - Italian navigator who discovered the New World in the service of Spain while looking for a route to China (1451-1506)Christopher Columbus - Italian navigator who discovered the New World in the service of Spain while looking for a route to China (1451-1506)
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Oh, Christopher Columbus, Christopher Columbus, what did you do when you discovered America?
He showed us the birthplace of Christopher Columbus, and after we had reflected in silent awe before it for fifteen minutes, he said it was not the birthplace of Columbus, but of Columbus' grandmother
About a quarter-past nine in the morning, they caught a glimpse of some signs of vegetation: herbage floating on that sea of sand, and announcing, as the weeds upon the ocean did to Christopher Columbus, the nearness of the shore--green shoots peeping up timidly between pebbles that were, in their turn, to be the rocks of that vast expanse.
Nobody ever HAD built above Fortieth Street--no, says I, nor above the Battery either, before Christopher Columbus discovered America.
You wave an airy adieu to the boys on shore, light your biggest pipe, and swagger about the deck as if you were Captain Cook, Sir Francis Drake, and Christopher Columbus all rolled into one.
com)-- The true identity of Christopher Columbus will be center stage from March 8th through 10th at the Maritime Academy in Lisbon, Portugal.
source=facebook-share-button&time=1503516229) petition to replace the Christopher Columbus statue at the State Capitol building in St.
Christopher Columbus 1492 Christopher Columbus left Andalucia, Spain, on his first voyage to America.
Menus today might feature iguana tacos, ant burgers, or even hot dogs made from real dogs, if it weren't for Christopher Columbus.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- President Recep Tayyip Erdoy-an has allegedly instructed newly appointed Higher Education Board (YEuK) President Yekta Sarac to research the possibility that Muslims discovered the Americas before Christopher Columbus, the Taraf daily claimed on Wednesday.
Christopher Columbus was a very brave Italian explorer who thought the earth was round.
An Iranian author claims that Iranians discovered the Americas 2,000 years before Christopher Columbus ever got there.

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