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Noun1.Christopher Fry - English dramatist noted for his comic verse dramas (born 1907)
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At an early age, he started his own theatre group in Delhi and went on to act in plays by Shakespeare, Tennessee Williams and Christopher Fry.
BORN MIKE Tyson, boxing champion, 1966, above DOROTHY Malone, US actress, 1925 GARY Pallister, UK footballer, 1965 DIED BUDDY Hackett, US comic, 2003, above CHRISTOPHER Fry, playwright, 2005 CHET Atkins, US country guitarist, 2001
My candidate for the Eliot slot would have been Christopher Fry, but "representativeness" is an elusive quality to identify and justify.
A Roald Dahl B Ian Fleming C Christopher Fry D Roddy Doyle QUESTION 9 - for 9 points: The metal used to make the Victoria Cross is taken from guns used in which battle?
The Royal Shakespeare Company production boasts a setting that wouldn't look out of place in a Godfather movie and, for once, the side story of drunken Christopher Fry is absolutely hilarious, thanks to Nick Holder's baggy stained underpants performance that offers a lot of bare-faced cheek.
Weber Homes announced the addition of esteemed home sales veteran Christopher Fry to the sales team at Park Place at Mountain Lakes, a luxury community in Morris County.
Christopher Fry and Imperial Oil know first hand how well the new job board hosted by the National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation works.
They starred in such classics as The Lady's Not For Burning by Christopher Fry and Love From A Stranger by Frank Vosper.
Barrie, Walter de la Marc, Anthony Burgess, John Mortimer, or Christopher Fry.

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