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The failure of paired chromosomes or sister chromatids to separate and go to different cells during meiosis.

non′dis·junc′tion·al adj.


(Genetics) the failure of paired homologous chromosomes to move to opposite poles of the cell during meiosis
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Noun1.nondisjunction - meiosis in which there is a failure of paired homologous chromosomes to separate; results in an abnormal number of chromosomes in the daughter cells
meiosis, miosis, reduction division - (genetics) cell division that produces reproductive cells in sexually reproducing organisms; the nucleus divides into four nuclei each containing half the chromosome number (leading to gametes in animals and spores in plants)
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B chromosome nondisjunction in corn: control by factors near the centromere.
Chromosome nondisjunction and instabilities in tapetal cells are affected by B chromosomes in maize.
Chromosome nondisjunction yields tetraploid rather than aneuploid cells in human cell lines.