Chrysemys picta

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Noun1.Chrysemys picta - freshwater turtles having bright yellow and red markingsChrysemys picta - freshwater turtles having bright yellow and red markings; common in the eastern United States
turtle - any of various aquatic and land reptiles having a bony shell and flipper-like limbs for swimming
Chrysemys, genus Chrysemys - painted turtles
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Among local populations of Chrysemys picta with variable prematuration individual growth rates, sexual dimorphism was only slightly greater in the rapid individual growth environments ([SDI.
Nesting habits of the western painted turtle, Chrysemys picta bellii (Gray).
Aquatic floated-turning performance among rigid bodies animals have been studied in whirligig beetles (Fish and Nicastro, 2003), boxfish (Walker, 2000), and more recently in a freshwater turtle, Chrysemys picta (Testudines, Emydidae) (Rivera et al.
Reproductive potential, activity, and cycles in the painted turtle, Chrysemys picta.
Eumeces (Plestiodon) farciatus), 3 species of amphibians (including Lithobates sphenocephalus, Litho bates catesbieanus and Notophthalmus viridescens), and 4 species of turtles (including Graptermys geographica, Chrysemys picta, Pseudemys floridana and ApaIone spinifera).
We fared better than Koper and Brooks (1998), who reported violations of assumptions about equal catchability caused inaccurate and imprecise estimates of abundance when collecting Chrysemys picta by hand, basking trap, hoop net and all methods combined.
Researchers documented 10 species of herpetofauna, including three species of anurans (Anaxyrus woodhousii, Pseudacris maculata, Litliobates blairi), three species of turtles (Chelydra serpentina, Chrysemys picta, Apalone spinifera), two species of lizards (P.
En cambio, en las tortugas los espermatozoides se almacenan en tubulos ubicados en la region secretora del albumen y en el utero (Gopherus polyphemus, Palmer & Guillette 1988, Sternotherus odoratus, Chrysemys picta, Trachemys scripta, Gist & Congdon 1998) mientras que en el caiman (Alligator mississipiensis) la hembra almacena espermatozoides en la union del utero y la vagina asi como en el limite de la region del istmo (Gist et al.