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n.1.(Chem.) One of the higher aromatic hydrocarbons of coal tar, allied to naphthalene and anthracene. It is a white crystalline substance, C18H12, of strong blue fluorescence, but generally colored yellow by impurities.
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1 Benzo(a)pyrene, benz(a)anthracene, benzo(b)fluoranthene and chrysene
Given this characterization, we may anticipate low to moderate spatiotemporal heterogeneity for the hopanes, chrysene, and benzo[a]pyrene (nonlocal sources) and high spatiotemporal heterogeneity for the n-alkanes, benzo[b+k] fluoranthene, and indeno[1,2,3-cd]pyrene (local point sources).
The compounds mainly fall into the following 12 aromatic hydrocarbon series: naphthalene (m/z 128, m/z 142, m/z 156, m/z 170, m/z 184, m/z 198), phenanthrene (m/z 178, m/z 192, m/z 206, m/z 220), benzopyrene (m/z 252), fluoranthene (m/z 202, m/z 216), dibenzothiophene (m/z 184, m/z 198, m/z 212, m/z 226), benzonaphthothiophene (m/z 234), dibenzofuran (m/z 168, m/z 182, m/z 196), fluorene (m/z 166, m/z 180, m/z 194), chrysene (m/z 228, m/z 242, m/z 256), biphenyl (m/z 154, m/z 168, m/z 182), triaromatic sterane (m/z 231) and benzohopane (m/z 191).
anthracene, fluorene, pyrene, chrysene, and phenanthrene) were approximately 2 times greater in CEWAFs than WAFs.
This contract is for the supply - for acquisition, delivery and installation of a gas chromatography linked to a mass spectrometer including a PTV and a thermal desorption unit for the analysis of PAHs (naphthalene, acenathylene , acenaphthene, fluorene, phenanthrene, anthracene, fluoranthene, pyrene, benzo (a) anthracene, chrysene, benzo (b) fluoranthene, benzo (j) fluoranthene, benzo (k) fluoranthene, benzo (a) pyrene, indeno (1,2,3 -cd) pyrene, dibenzo (a, h) anthracene and benzo (g, h, i) perylene).
Tests of soil at the junction of two stormwater outfall pipes encompassing drainage to surface water downstream of an unlined construction and demolition landfill and a lined municipal solid waste landfill in the Rogers-Eubanks community revealed the presence of arsenic, chromium, lead, nickel, benzo(a)anthracene, benzo(a)pyrene, benzo(b)fluoranthene, benzo(k)fluoranthene, benzoic acid, chrysene, fluoranthene, indeno(1,2,3,-cd)pyrene, and pyrene (data not shown).
Mechanism of differential catalytic efficiency of two polymorphic forms of human glutathione S-transferase P1-1 in the glutathione conjugation of carcinogenic diol epoxide of chrysene.
25 Acenaphthene ND 1 ND 1 Acenaphthylene ND 1 ND 1 Anthracene ND 1 ND 1 Benzo[a]anthracene ND 1 ND 1 Benzo[a]pyrene ND 1 ND 1 Benzo[b]fluoranthene ND 1 ND 1 Benzo[g,h,ilperylene ND 1 ND 1 Benzo[k1fluoranthene ND 1 ND 1 Chrysene ND 1 ND 1 Dibenzo[a,h]anthracene ND 1 ND 1 Fluoranthene ND 1 ND 1 Fluorene ND 1 ND 1 Indenol1,2,3-cd]pyrene ND 1 ND 1 Naphthalene ND 0.
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon metabolizing enzyme activities in human lung, and their inducibility by exposure to naphthalene, phenanthrene, pyrene, chrysene, and benzo pyrene as shown in the rat lung and liver.
The BAF for the three locations (Table 5) indicated that values for phenanthrene, pyrene, benzo(a) anthracene, chrysene, benzo(b) fluoranthene, benzo(k) fluoranthene, benzo(a)pyrene, dibenzo(a,h)anthracene and benzo (g,h,l) perylene were higher than 1.
The toxicological studies showed that the tea filters could significantly reduce the carcinogenic materials such as tar, free radicals, nitrosamine, benzo[a]pyrene, benzo[a]anthracene, chrysene and total polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) generated in cigarette smoking.
Levels of all 16 priority pollutant PAHs including naphthalene, acenaphthylene, acenaphthene, fluorene, phenanthrene, anthracene, fluoranthene, pyrene, benzoanthracene, chrysene, benzo[b]fluoranthene, benzo[f]fluoranthene, benzo[a]pyrene, indenopyrene, benzo[e] perylene, and dibenzo[a,h]anthracene were quantified by comparison with known standards (EPA 1982).