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n.1.(Chem.) An artificial, yellow, crystalline dye, C6H5N2.C6H3(NH2)2. Also, one of a group of dyestuffs resembling chrysoïdine proper.
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DESPITE strong links to bladder cancer, some maggot breeders, tackle shops and anglers are again using Chrysoidine Y.
THE National Federation of Anglers has issued another warning about the use of the dye Chrysoidine Y for colouring maggots.
We have received a number of letters from clubs asking if Chrysoidine Y is dangerous.
The use of Chrysoidine Y, a colouring agent once in widespread use to dye maggots bronze, was linked in the 1980s with bladder cancer scares.
Chrysoidine Y should be regarded as a suspect carcinogen and extreme care must be taken when handling the product or bait.
TOP Midlands tackle dealer Mal Storey is calling on chrysoidine maggots to be banned.
AN investigation I undertook last month has revealed that chrysoidine, the bronze maggot dye linked to cancer, is still in common use.