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A blue to blue-green amorphous mineral, Cu2H2(Si2O5)(OH)4 often occurring as thin seams or surface layers in the oxidation zones of copper ores.

[Latin chrȳsocolla, copper carbonate, malachite, from Greek khrūsokolla : khrūso-, chryso- + kolla, glue (from its use in soldering gold ).]


a mineral that is a silicate of copper and occurs in shades of blue or green and is reputed to have calming properties
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Lapis lazuli is good for back pain, Reeya tells me, while chrysocolla can soothe the aches and pains of arthritis.
In the apothecary section, two young women were inspecting shelves with detox kits, Sex Dust, psychic vampire repellent and a shamanic pouch with healing stones that included "the goddess stone" chrysocolla.
Octopus frontlet, 300-600 AD, Moche, Peru, La Mina, gold, chrysocolla, shells, 27.
Akilah, who sold the hugely popular green chrysocolla stones from Bacan on the market in Ternate, had heard that a headless body of a boy selling plastic bags had been found in the Gamalama vegetable market.
Interestingly, the measured Raman spectra of bisbeeite in the samples we examined showed the best match with RRUFF reference spectra of bisbeeite from Shangulume, Katanga Province, DRC, which showed features significantly different from the spectra of chrysocolla (typically lacking a prominent peak at 211-210 [cm.
Several secondary copper minerals like malachite, chrysocolla and turquoise were also common.
The silver, lapis lazuli and chrysocolla pendant, which doubles as a brooch, hails from Taxco and bears the kind of marks often found on Mexican silver.
Joints cutting the platinum-bearing veins are typically lined by botryoidal crusts of bright peacock-blue chrysocolla (Wagner, 1925).
Naturally, there's my all-time favorite gem, chrysocolla.
My finds include quartz, jaspers, chrysocolla and petrified wood.
Native copper, chrysocolla and azurite, although less abundant, also occur.