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Noun1.Chrysomelidae - leaf beetlesChrysomelidae - leaf beetles        
arthropod family - any of the arthropods
chrysomelid, leaf beetle - brightly colored beetle that feeds on plant leaves; larvae infest roots and stems
genus Leptinotarsa, Leptinotarsa - Colorado potato beetles
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The carrion-feeders and Brachelytra are very uncommon; on the other hand, the Rhyncophora and Chrysomelidae, all of which depend on the vegetable world for subsistence, are present in astonishing numbers.
Among these, there were only two of the Carabidae, four Brachelytra, fifteen Rhyncophora, and fourteen of the Chrysomelidae.
9 Haliplidae 1 Noteridae 1 Staphylinidae 3 3 Leiodidae 1 Nitidulidae 2 Phalacridae 1 1 Coccinellidae 2 Endomychidae 1 Mordellidae 2 Bostrichidae 3 Cerambycidae 1 Chrysomelidae 5 12 Bruchidae 1 Curculionidae 70 81 Scolytidae 12 33 Psocoptera 0.
Within Coleoptera, we identified several prey itemsto family, including Carabidae, Chrysomelidae, Curculionidae, Dytiscidae, and Scarabaeidae.
belongs to the order Coleoptera, and the family Chrysomelidae, are known as plant pests that may eats and damaged all aerial parts of host plats, fritillaries and other members of the family Liliaceae.
Species of Diaparsis are known as parasitoids of the beetle families Buprestidae, Cerambycidae, Chrysomelidae, Curculionidae and Scolytidae, but D.
The study, which is the first in this research line focusing on the Chrysomelidae family (known as 'leaf beetles' because they feed primarily on plants), made it possible to collect more than 2,000 beetle samples on the island of Grande Terre, compare them with other species, and carry out a phylogenetic analysis.
The resulting timetree was consistent with a Late Cretaceous origin for Chrysomelidae, and subsequent taxonomic diversification over the course of the Cenozoic--considerably later than proposed by Farrell (1998).
Editors Jolivet, Santiago-Blay, and Schmitt (for whom no background information is given) and 37 contributors offer the first in a series of books on the Chrysomelidae (leaf beetles).
6 6-29 to 07-27 Tetraopes tetrophthalmus (Forster) 11 06-29 to 07-19 Tylonotus bimaculatus (Haldeman) 1 07-27 Typocerus velutinus velutinus 2 07-14 to 07-21 (Olivier) Cerylonidae Cerylon castaneum Say 7 05-05 to 06-09 Philothermus glabriculus LeConte 1 04-21 Chrysomelidae Altica spp.