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n.1.(Zool.) A genus of neuropterous insects. See Lacewing.
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Susceptibilidad de Chrysopa exterior Navas a Beauveria bassiana (Blasamo) Vuillemin cepa LBB-1 en condiciones de laboratorio.
A mass rearing technique for Chrysopa scelestes Bank (Neuroptera: Chrysopidae).
The agriculture spokesman said that friendly pests including lady beetle, Chrysopa, spider and Surfed fly feed on enemy pests like Aphid and farmers should release these wheat friendly parasite pests in case of noticing presence of Aphid or its pupae to eliminate or reduce its population.
Farmers Field Schools are being organized with the assistance of Central Integrated Pest Management Centres (CIPMCs) across the country (including Haryana, Punjab and Rajasthan) in crops like cotton, vegetables, potato, tomato, citrus (Kinno) which are considered as preferable hosts for white fly, wherein the farmers are being trained/ taught about the identification and conservation methods of various predators like chrysopa, lady bird beetles, spiders and other predatory fauna found in agro eco-system.
This research had two interesting aspects: 1) Chrysopa pattens and Chrysopa formosa, whose adults are also predators, were attracted in high number in the traps containing the synthetic aphids sex pheromone and 2) adults of the carnea complex, which only the larvae are predators, were attracted in high number by volatiles plant compounds, once they feed on pollen and nectar (Koczor et al.
Patel and Vyas (1985) studied the biology of predator Chrysopa scelestes in the laboratory using eggs of Corcyra cephalonica.
Insects that store uric acid include tobacco hornworm larvae, larval Chrysopa lacewings, and adult mosquitoes (Chapman 1998).
Exochomus cubensis Dimn, Scymnus distinctus Casey (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae), Chrysopa sp.
El salicilato de metilo, es un compuesto que esta presente en muchas mezclas de sustancias volatiles de plantas inducidas por herbivoros, que atraen a depredadores como Chrysopa nigricornis (JAMES, 2003a).
Selective toxicity of primicarb carboryl and methamidophose to green peach aphid, Myzus persicae (Sulzer),Coleomogills maculula (Lenai)(Temberlake) and Chrysopa occulata (Say)Environmental.