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n.1.(Zool.) A genus of neuropterous insects. See Lacewing.
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Curinus coeruleus (Mulsant); parasitoids, Encarsia protransvena Viggiani, Amitus bennetti Viggiani & Evans; and lacewings, Chrysopa spp.
In Telenomus lobatus Johnson & Bin, the percentage eclosion from the eggs of Chrysoperla species was higher than that from eggs of Chrysopa species (Ruberson et al.
Thermal requirements for development in Chrysopa Oculata: a geographically stable trait.
More recent field studies in the south Atlantic plains revealed that the pheromone also attracts two Chrysopa species abundant there.
Prove di allevamento in ambiente condizionato di Chrysopa carnea Steph.
Wheat also faces the risk of Aphid attack in March and growers were asked to install Chrysopa cards in the fields to increase population of grower-friendly pest Chrysopa to kill Aphid through biological means.
Selective toxicity of primicarb carboryl and methamidophose to green peach aphid, Myzus persicae (Sulzer),Coleomogills maculula (Lenai)(Temberlake) and Chrysopa occulata (Say)Environmental.
Coleoptera Trogidae Trox Coleoptera Trogidae Trox Coleoptera Trogidae Trox Coleoptera Trogidae Trox Coleoptera Trogossitidae Tenebroides Coleoptera Trogossitidae Tenebroides Neuroptera Chrysopidae Chrysopa Neuroptera Corydalidae Chauliodes Neuroptera Corydalidae Chauliodes Neuroptera Hemerobiidae Hemerobius Neuroptera Sialidae Sialis Hymenoptera Anthophoridae Xylocopa Hymenoptera Apidae Apis Hymenoptera Chrysididae Chrysis Hymenoptera Colletidae Hylaeus Hymenoptera Cynipidae Unident.
Insects that store uric acid include tobacco hornworm larvae, larval Chrysopa lacewings, and adult mosquitoes (Chapman 1998).