Chrysophrys auratus

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Noun1.Chrysophrys auratus - Australian food fish having a pinkish body with blue spots
sparid, sparid fish - spiny-finned food fishes of warm waters having well-developed teeth
Chrysophrys, genus Chrysophrys - Australian snapper
snapper - flesh of any of various important food fishes of warm seas
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Diseases of the gonads and kidneys of New Zealand snapper, Chrysophrys auratus Forster (F.
Although this reef initially provided good fishing for Australian snapper, Chrysophrys auratus, a highly sought recreational species in this area, the concrete pipes gradually sank into the soft substrate and had been scattered over too wide an area to provide a very effective long-term fishing reef.
The season and length at entry into a temperate Australian estuary of the larvae of Acanthopagrus australis, Rhabdosargus sarba and Chrysophrys auratus (Teleostei: Sparidae).