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Noun1.Chrysopsis - golden asterChrysopsis - golden aster        
asterid dicot genus - genus of more or less advanced dicotyledonous herbs and some trees and shrubs
aster family, Asteraceae, Compositae, family Asteraceae, family Compositae - plants with heads composed of many florets: aster; daisy; dandelion; goldenrod; marigold; lettuces; ragweed; sunflower; thistle; zinnia
golden aster - any of several shrubby herbs or subshrubs of the genus Chrysopsis having bright golden-yellow flower heads that resemble asters; throughout much of United States and into Canada
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2005d), Reithrodontomys chrysopsis (Lira and Gaona, 2005), R.
Endemic species recorded in the study area included Romerolagus diazi, Pappogeomys merriami, Neotomodon alstoni, Reithrodontomys chrysopsis, Thomomys umbrinus volcanius, T.
Late Purple Aster 1 Chrysopsis camporum Greene False Goldenaster 2 Dalea purpurea Vent.