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 (krĭs′əs-təm, krĭ-sŏs′-), Saint John ad 347?-407.
Antioch-born Greek prelate whose eloquent sermons earned him the name Chrysostom, "golden-mouthed." As patriarch of Constantinople (from 398), his oratory against corruption eventually led to his death.


(Biography) Saint John. ?345–407 ad, Greek patriarch; archbishop of Constantinople (398–404). Feast day: Sept 13 or Nov 13


(ˈkrɪs ə stəm, krɪˈsɒs təm)

Saint John, A.D. 347?–407, ecumenical patriarch of Constantinople.
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Well, then, you must know," continued the young man, "this morning that famous student-shepherd called Chrysostom died, and it is rumoured that he died of love for that devil of a village girl the daughter of Guillermo the Rich, she that wanders about the wolds here in the dress of a shepherdess.
To all which his great friend Ambrosio the student, he who, like him, also went dressed as a shepherd, replies that everything must be done without any omission according to the directions left by Chrysostom, and about this the village is all in commotion; however, report says that, after all, what Ambrosio and all the shepherds his friends desire will be done, and to-morrow they are coming to bury him with great ceremony where I said.
About this time the father of our Chrysostom died, and he was left heir to a large amount of property in chattels as well as in land, no small number of cattle and sheep, and a large sum of money, of all of which the young man was left dissolute owner, and indeed he was deserving of it all, for he was a very good comrade, and kind-hearted, and a friend of worthy folk, and had a countenance like a benediction.
I say then, my dear sir," said the goatherd, "that in our village there was a farmer even richer than the father of Chrysostom, who was named Guillermo, and upon whom God bestowed, over and above great wealth, a daughter at whose birth her mother died, the most respected woman there was in this neighbourhood; I fancy I can see her now with that countenance which had the sun on one side and the moon on the other; and moreover active, and kind to the poor, for which I trust that at the present moment her soul is in bliss with God in the other world.
And so I advise you, senor, fail not to be present to-morrow at his burial, which will be well worth seeing, for Chrysostom had many friends, and it is not half a league from this place to where he directed he should be buried.
Chrysostom in folio, which made the table bend beneath its weight.
Chrysostom, kicking about famously the sheets of the thesis, which had fallen on the floor.
cried the prisoner, laughing violently, "and by Master Jacques Chrysostom La Ramee, the king's commissioner.
All the abbe's affections were concentrated on his niece, who regarded him as a father, but an abstracted father, unable to conceive the agitations of the flesh, and thanking God for maintaining his dear daughter in a state of celibacy; for he had, from his youth up, adopted the principles of Saint John Chrysostom, who wrote that "the virgin state is as far above the marriage state as the angel is above humanity.
They are Mr Chrysostom Agava (Water), Engineer Roger Tunya (Transport and Infrastructure), Dr Arnold Mamadi (Medical Services) and Ms Lucy Ijai (Lands).
Summary: Chrysostom is India's longest serving bishop and is known as much for his ready wit as for his concern for social causes
The title places it squarely in a long and notorious tradition of Christian apologetics that began in Latin with Tertullian in the second century and in Greek with John Chrysostom in the fourth.