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Chubb lock®

n (Brit) → Sicherheitsschloss nt
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SecurEnvoy offer SMS passcodes, the equivalent to a chubb lock, so only you can access all your important information, so it remains secure from prying eyes.
30pm) IT'S been known to get even the most chronic agoraphobe clawing desperately at the Chubb lock on the front door to escape the prospect of an entire evening's Euro pop cheese.
Engineer Isambard Kingdon Brunel, Jeremiah Chubb, inventor of the Chubb lock, Charles Dickens, Peter Sellers, Brian Howe, vocalist with Bad Company, former Playboy Playmate Marilyn Cole (pictured), who married Hugh Heffner in 1984, and, err, Helen Duncan, who was the last woman to be charged and tried for witchcraft in the UK.
Robin Hankey returned to Warsaw as Charge d'Affaires in 1945, he immediately went to the strong room and operated the combination he had set in 1939; the Chubb lock functioned perfectly, but the room was empty.
Developers and city council leaders and planning officials were set to gather this afternoon at Wolverhampton's Lighthouse centre, in the former Chubb Lock works near the bus station, to unveil the project in more detail.
OTCBB:MLSW), a leading developer of security and loss prevention solutions, today announced that Chubb Lock and Safe Canada Ltd.
Ideally the front door should have a deadlock and a secure chubb lock.
Security Products UK, which owns the Union, Yale and Chubb lock brands, said it hoped to spread the job losses over the next 21 months.
We ran hands-on sessions for our students on the giant computer at the Chubb lock company in Birmingham.
I have already booked my trip to Finland and the charming hotel receptionist Olga assures me that there's a Chubb lock on the mini- bar in Roddy Grant's bedroom, and the night porter has photo-fit pictures of George O'Boyle in case the towels go missing.
But even with the security of the drawn curtains and the Chubb lock on, I still couldn't escape thoughts of my own demise, telly being filled with musings about what happens to us all when we eventually shuffle off this mortal coil of ours.