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v. t.1.To champ; to bite.
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Nejvetsi hrozbou pro rozvoj jsou podle zpravy nove formy konfliktu a nasili, ktere se objevily po skonceni studene valky, a nove formy nasili ohrozuji chude i bohate zeme bez rozdilu.
into six groups, namely Livonian, South Estonian, Insular Estonian, North Estonian, Chude (East Estonian, North-East Estonian, Votic proper), and Neva (Coastal Estonian, Kukkuzi Votic, Ingrian, Finnish, Karelian, Lude, Veps) instead of the division into five groups I have proposed earlier (Viitso 1978; 1985).
Chude Levi-Strauss, The Elementary Structures of Kinship (Boston: Beacon Press, 1969); Gayle Rubin, "The Traffic in Women: Notes on the 'Political Economy' of Sex," in Toward an Anthropology of Women, ed.
Chude Mba as President, CEO and Director of the Company.
After years of working as Chief Executive of Med Group RED in Nigeria and Rwanda, Chude Jideonwo has announced his new venture named, Joy Inc.
Nigerians, in the long march to democracy, are increasingly waking up to this fact, which has Chude Jideonwo jumping for joy.
Jedinou pripominkou, kterou lze mit ke sborniku jako celku, je chude graficke zpracovani.
Chude Mba, president of ERHC said: "ERHC is delighted that the JMC has now acknowledged ERHC's option selections for award of interests.
Chude Mba, president of ERHC, said: "The results of the opening of the bids present significant opportunities for shareholders.
Marlboro: Corinne Baker, Connor Bowen, Cynthia Chude, Andrew Dwinells, Carlos Montes de Oca, Amanda Sawyer
According to Chude et al, (2006) who investigated complementary use of organic and inorganic fertilizers on irrigated tomato in Katsina and Bauchi states of Nigeria, the integrated use of both fertilizers produced a synergy that was ecologically and economically viable.
Chude Mba, president of ERHC, said, "ERHC is delighted that the JDA has seen fit to significantly improve the potential economic value of the entire JDZ.