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An underground rail tunnel that runs below the English Channel and connects Great Britain and France.


(Railways) informal a rail tunnel beneath the English Channel, linking England and France, opened in 1994
[C20: from Ch(annel) + (t)unnel]


or chun′nel

(ˈtʃʌn l)

a railroad tunnel under the English Channel between England and France.
[1925–30; b. channel1 and tunnel]
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Noun1.Chunnel - the railroad tunnel between France and England under the English Channelchunnel - the railroad tunnel between France and England under the English Channel


[ˈtʃʌnl] N (hum) → túnel m bajo el Canal de la Mancha


n (inf)Kanaltunnel m
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The application is just one of 36 initiatives agreed between the chunnel firm and regional French authorities to boost tourism.
By comparison, the Channel Tunnel, also known as Chunnel or Eurotunnel, is a 50.
They plan to fly to England, stay at the University of Sheffield and in Gloucester, then bus through the Chunnel to France and eventually to Ghent, Belgium, to play in the Flanders Cup tournament in a field of 35 international teams.
International juggernauts will invade unless a rowover Chunnel rail fees is settled by the end of the month.
This time the agents must deal with an Algerian terrorist and his gang who plan to blow up the Eiffel Tower and the Chunnel at the same time.
Since then, he has published eleven thrillers, the most notable of which are Het Chunnel Syndrome (1989; Eng.
The mad caper some 10 years ago also marked the opening of the Chunnel to vehicular traffic and a chance to test the `crossing' in the little Vauxhall.
Europe's Chunnel, for example, is a regular Tobacco Road, delivering more-affordable smokes (and alcohol) to Britain's absurdly overtaxed customers.
The Transit Collection features coloring options, from left to right, Freeway, Chunnel, Shuttle and Metro.
Bill Porter, a retired senior media and publishing executive, lives a few miles from the French side of the Chunnel.
Unisource clients include BancOne, the Federal Aviation Administration and EuroTunnel/Transmanche-Link, which runs the Chunnel that connects France and the United Kingdom.
According to an international panel of executives and editors in the construction, aggregates, and ready mixed concrete industries, the top 10 construction achievements of the 20th century (in no particular order) are the Aswan High Dam (Egypt); Chek Lap Kok Airport (Hong Kong); the Chunnel linking the United Kingdom and France; Dwight D.