Church modes

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Church´ modes`

1.(Mus.) The modes or scales used in ancient church music. See Gregorian.
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Gil's treatise demonstrates a solid understanding of chant pedagogy with sections on related topics, even the "Ethos of the Church Modes.
He writes that "one of the key achievements of Pentecostal/ charismatic worship is its influence on historic mission church modes of worship" (31).
The music theory treatises in the third chapter span a wide range of dates and topics, from the mathematical treatment of intervals in Cassiodorus to Heinrich Glarean's twelve church modes.
I felt that the Classical/Opera and assorted hall and church modes available from my Yamaha RX-Z1 receiver were a bit much for this material.
Memorization of these pieces may be difficult for a student because Huang writes in various Chinese keys, such as Gong and Shang, along with the traditional church modes.
Mode" and "modality" were the preferred terms with which to analyze a repertory with ties to medieval church modes.
Part I provides a comprehensive account of the history of scales, modes and tuning systems: the Pythagorean scale, the tetrachords of ancient Greece, the church modes, the Guidonian hexa-chord system, mean-tone temperament, major and minor modes, chromaticism, and twentieth-century modes and scales.

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