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Noun1.Church of Ireland - autonomous branch of the Church of England in Ireland
Anglican Church, Anglican Communion, Church of England - the national church of England (and all other churches in other countries that share its beliefs); has its see in Canterbury and the sovereign as its temporal head
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Michael Jackson, Archbishop of Dublin, said the appointment brings delight to many across the Church of Ireland and throughout the Anglican Communion.
The Church of Ireland Archbishop of Dublin Dr John Neill said he listened to Archbishop Williams' remarks with "deep regret".
Church of Ireland Bishop of Meath and Kildare Richard Clarke said the remark was thoughtless and hurtful.
In the second chapter he concludes that, prior to the arrival of Wentworth and Bramhall in 1633, there were reform plans aplenty for the Church of Ireland, but consistent application was lacking.
The traditional rite of the Church of Ireland (Anglican) emerged in 1991 after the House of Bishops of the Church of Ireland decided to start ordaining women.
Catholic leaders who had been reluctant openly to criticize the established Church of Ireland prior to 1819, hoping that their silence would assuage Protestant fears of a Catholic ascendancy, became more emboldened in the face of this evangelical challenge.
As the Northern Ireland Secretary John Reid prepared to make a Commons statement just hours after the re-introduction of direct rule, Church of Ireland Archbishop Robin Eames said it was time for loyalist and republican paramilitaries to announce the threat of violence was lifted and there was no going back to the dark days of the past.
The Orangemen will hold their service in the Church of Ireland parish church on Drumcree Hill and Lord Eames said it was a cause of intense sadness and disappointment to him that, despite the efforts of himself and others, there remained an impasse over the Garvaghy Road stalemate.
In 1991 Archbishop Robin Eames, head of the Protestant Church of Ireland, and Cardinal Cahal Daly, Roman Catholic Primate of All Ireland, invited her to co-chair a working party on sectarianism in Ireland and the churches' response.
Patrick's reputed grave is in Downpatrick, in the Church of Ireland cathedral graveyard.
In fact, the number of American slaves who gained manumission was greater than the number of Irish Catholics whose conversions to the (Protestant) Church of Ireland were officially recognized.

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