Church work

work on, or in behalf of, a church; the work of a particular church for the spread of religion.

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The former industrial sewing machine engineer, who lived with his wife Margaret, 76, in Wellfield, Whitley Bay, was known in the community for his charity and church work and love of football.
Readers are involved in many types of church work including teaching, preaching, leading certain services and helping the local vicar with the worship at the church.
Fay said: "Matt came to our attention because he is over here on church work for the next six months.
She is now combining her art with her church work as a Reader in the Church of England in Sunderland.
The causes for which funding will be considered include: "the restoration and preservation of historic sites; the furtherance of art and music in the schools, both public and private; public concerts with an emphasis on classical music; the improvement and growth of public libraries; the support of church work aiding the indigent, homeless, aging citizens and needy children; beautification through planting and the preservation of park areas and cemeteries; the improvement of service and equipment at the Hubbard Regional Hospital (now Harrington Healthcare at Hubbard), and the environmental protection of Webster Lake.
Alta held few such public roles, but this collection demonstrates her significant involvement in church work, as well as her commitment to the couple's six children.
When she arrived in Calgary in 1903 she initially devoted her attention to church work but by 1907 she was involved in a campaign to raise money for the YWCA and by 1912 she was active in the Local Council of Women.
She is a white Euro-American from Southern California suburbs, and so certain assumptions about church work are inherent in her thinking.
The vicar of Lillington Revd Charlotte Gale said: "Graham's previous career had given him experience of meeting with people in their homes; he had also done a wide variety of voluntary church work before he fulfilled his long-felt calling to become a priest.
Eliza Mowry Bliven, "What Women Ought to Do Instead of Church Work," 1908
Cornerstone also sends volunteers to help with church work as well as light construction on new buildings.
Ralph Johnson, just three months after being elected sheriff, was notified by the Florida Sheriffs' Association that the practice would likely lose in court and recommended the church work be halted.