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, Sir Winston Leonard Spencer 1874-1965.
British politician and writer. As prime minister (1940-1945 and 1951-1955) he led Great Britain through World War II. Churchill published several works, including The Second World War (1948-1953), and won the 1953 Nobel Prize for literature.

Chur·chill′i·an (chûr-chĭl′ē-ən) adj.


relating to, typical of or reminiscent of Winston Churchill
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Adj.1.Churchillian - of or relating to or suggestive of Winston Churchill
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This would take time and almost certainly result in the breed losing the Churchillian characteristics that make it so attractive to owners.
Did the rebels also get hoodwinked by the Churchillian reference about putting country before party?
Not that being Churchillian is anything to be proud of.
While having no opinion on Miss Meade's hotness or otherwise, it's fair to say this isn't exactly awe-inspiring Churchillian wisdom and statesmanship.
Give him a big thumbs down, followed by the reverse Churchillian V-for-victory - delivered with a firm upward thrust.
Without sounding too Churchillian we have to be ready for this new era and look upon it with pragmatism and optimism.
Never mind Rooney's Churchillian address to the squad - someone needs to give him a Churchillian address.
Vote leave and then on June 23 we may echo these Churchillian words: "Today we may say aloud before an awe-struck world, 'we are still masters of our fate.
BRYAN Robson revealed Albion's Great Escape could be pinned on a six-minute video rather than any Churchillian speeches.
The boys find out pretty quickly if you are covering for your inefficiencies by putting great Churchillian speeches together.
No doubt he sees himself as some kind of Churchillian gure that history will prove right, yet experts and former diplomats were not short of evidence as they tore apart his arguments.
This isn't Churchillian prose, but it makes the point.