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 (sē′bə-nā′, -bō-)
n. pl. Ciboney or Ci·bo·neys also Ci·bo·ney·es (-nā′ĕs)
A member of an American Indian people formerly inhabiting the Greater Antilles. Of unknown origin and linguistic affiliation, the Ciboney were largely displaced by Taíno settlers prior to European contact and were extinct by the end of the 16th century.
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The Caribe today, living on a reserve on the Island of Dominica and Northern South America, and the Taino and Ciboney are completely gone without descendants via genes or culture--except the maraca; an indigenous Cuban instrument, originating with the Ciboney.
11 million people and its people, culture, and customs draw from diverse sources, including the aboriginal Tano and Ciboney peoples; the period of Spanish colonialism; the introduction of African slaves; and its proximity to the United States.
Brands carried: Premier Stainmaster, Alexander Smith, American Showcase, Portfolio, Ciboney and American Studio, Touch of Class and Cristal
The former Ciboney Ocho Rios property (300 rooms) has also been added to the Sandals family, and after a US$10 million refurbishing is set to open December 15 as the Beaches Ciboney Golf Resort & Spa, a resort designed for adults and children age 16 and up.
The luxurious new Beaches Grande Sport at Ciboney is accepting children exclusively for the holidays.
Just across the road sits Ciboney Ocho Rios (305-974-1027), a beautiful resort, spa and villa property.
Cara will be feted at a gala 40th birthday celebration following the awards ceremony and inducted into the Ciboney Cafe's Prestigious Hall of Fame at the event, which will benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation of the Hudson Valley.
Participating hotels for Love Jamaica Style include: Ciboney Ocho Rios, Club Jamaica, Sandals & Beaches resorts, SuperClubs Breezes & Grand Lido resorts, Sunset Beach Resort, The Caves, Couples Ocho Rios and Negril, Dragon Bay Port Antonio, Holiday Inn Sunspree, Plantation Inn, Renaissance Jamaica Grande, and Strawberry Hill.
These include Ciboney, Jamaica Grande, Crown Plaza, Terra Nova, Boscobel, Grand Lido, Trelawny Beach and Hedonism 11;
For those of us not familiar with the record of Pre-Columbian, Cuban researchers have classified it into two separate periods: that of the Ciboney, the original gatherer-hunters who left behind them a rich shell and microlithic tool tradition, and a number of petroglyphs which on occasion closely resemble the London Underground map, and that of the Taino, the first horticulturalists, and members of the Arawak linguistic family, already known from Venezuela through to Florida.
These are Ciboney, Jamaica Grande, Plantation Inn, Negril Gardens, Trelawny Beach, Hedonism 11, Grand Lido, Terra Nova, Crown Plaza and Holiday Inn (Montego Bay); Complex arrangements, including legal entanglements, are hindering the Government's drive to rid itself of the hotels, and "significantly diminish the value of the assets," Davies said.