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n.1.(Chem.) The active principle of the water hemlock (Cicuta) extracted as a poisonous gummy substance.
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12) Unlike cicutoxin poisoning, Haff disease does not cause seizures and has few neurotoxic manifestations other than limb and body numbness and paresthesias.
Effect on Plant Compound Plant part livestock Cocklebur Hydroquinone Seeds and Nausea, poor herbage gain Lambsquarters Nitrates Herbage Respiratory failure, death Halogeton Oxalates Herbage Kidney failure Horary Unknown Herbage Fever, founder alyssum in horses Nightshade Alkaloid Herbage and Diarrhea green berries Poison ivy Urushiol Herbage and Dermatitis roots Water Cicutoxin Roots and Death hemlock herbage White snake Retinol Herbage Kidney failure root Table 14-7 Examples of human poisonings through ingestion or inhalation of toxins from weeds.
The hollow stems contain a yellow sap, which has the deadly cicutoxin in it.