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abbreviation for
(Commerce) compagnie
[French: company]


abbreviation for
1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) Commission Internationale de l'Éclairage
2. Companion of the Indian Empire
3. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) (in the Irish Republic) Coras Iompair Eireann
[(for sense 2) French: International Lighting Commission; (for sense 3) Irish Gaelic: Transport Organization of Ireland]


or cie.,

[< French Compagnie]
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The current CIE Non-Academic Programs that complement the rigors of academics are likewise impressive: art, violin, swimming, aikido, fencing, golf and travel.
United States-based Newcor, Incorporated is acquiring CIE Automotive SA, a global manufacturer and supplier of automotive components and sub-assemblies.
12 November 2015 - Swedish kitchen retailer Nobia (STO: NOBI) has acquired Commodore and CIE, two kitchen companies active in the private developer market in the UK, the company said.
As the first Platinum Level sponsor, the JPMorgan Chase will be recognized in the CIE when it opens its primary 17,000 square foot co-working and incubation space this October.
The purpose of these workshops is to create an understanding of the aims and objectives and assessment requirements of the CIE O Level syllabus for the three subjects.
Mahindra Group will merge all its auto components businesses into its Mahindra Forgings unit, which will be renamed Mahindra CIE Automotive.
Er bod CIE Tours wedi cynnal gwobr ragoriaeth flynyddol yn Iwerddon ers 23 o flynyddoedd, dyma'u digwyddiad cyntaf yn y DU, ac mae'n adlewyrchu twf y cwmni y tu allan i Iwerddon.
Given this, and the conclusions of CIE TC1-62, how can CRI be trusted?
There was a statistically significant difference in mean CIE [L.
Los dos sistemas clasificatorios expuestos comparten el presupuesto de que sus aportes a los sistemas clasificatorios internacionales no pueden limitarse a la mera descripcion de los sindromes culturales y de como dichos sistemas pueden incorporarlos, ni tampoco ser adaptaciones de la CIE a las realidades de los paises latinoamericanos, sino que de algun modo deben enriquecer esas clasificaciones internacionales.
Brian Stack, the company president for North America, said, 'Instead of the usual tightly scheduled itineraries offered by many operators, CIE helps our travelers enjoy a full program of inclusive excursions each day, augmented by free time and activities of their own choosing.
La idea es salirse del area de parques de entretenimiento y seguir con la venta de sus operaciones en Sudamerica, como ya hicieron con el traspaso de CIE Brasil, Chile y Argentina a la firma brasilena Time For Fun (T4F).