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A city of south-central Cuba on Cienfuegos Bay, a narrow-necked inlet of the Caribbean Sea. The city is a port and a trade and processing center.


(Spanish siɛnˈfueɣɔs)
(Placename) a port in S Cuba, on Cienfuegos Bay. Pop: 147 000 (2005 est)


(syɛnˈfwɛ gɔs)

a seaport in S Cuba. 132,038.
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Cienfuegos no puede hablar a nombre del Ejercito porque el no es el jefe del Ejercito.
American Airlines (NASDAQ: AAL) has commended the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) for awarding it the right to operate scheduled service between Miami and five cities in Cuba -- Camaguey, Cienfuegos, Holguin, Santa Clara and Varadero, the company said.
From the Cuban rum bar Cienfuegos in New York comes this collection of 100 recipes that celebrate the island's rich history and culture.
ISLAMABAD -- The second batch of 537 Pakistani medical students has graduated from the Cuban Universities of Medical Sciences of Sancti Spiritus and Cienfuegos.
The graduation ceremonies of students held at Sancti Spiritus and Cienfuegos were dedicated to the Cuban leader Fidel Castro Ruz who had promptly sent Henry Reeve Brigade comprising 2464 medical personnel to Pakistan in the aftermath of 2005 earthquake and subsequently offered 1000 fully funded scholarships for Pakistani students.
The graduation ceremonies of students, held at Sancti Spiritus and Cienfuegos, were dedicated to Cuban leader Fidel Castro Ruz, who had promptly sent Henry Reeve Brigade, comprising 2464 medical personnel, to Pakistan in the aftermath of 2005 earthquake and subsequently offered 1000 fully funded scholarships for Pakistani students, said a press release issued here Saturday.
Cruises include 6-night and 7-night cruises from the port of Cienfuegos beginning in February 2014, as well as a transfer cruise from Cienfuegos to St.
One of the women is in intensive care following the incident, which occurred between the towns of Trinidad and Varadero in Cienfuegos province, on Thursday evening, 4 July.
Because of this problem it is necessary to reach the productions cost arising from the blood in Cienfuegos Provincial Bank.
The Cuban Cultural Goods Fund in Cienfuegos province expects to export nearly 1,500 guayabera shirts, the Cuban national garment, to the Caribbean market, said the director of the institution in the city of Cienfuegos, Ericel Alvarez, reports ACN (Oct.
Juan Cienfuegos is the founder of Southwest Synergistic Solutions, the company that manufactures a new line of triage technology called E/T Lights.