Cigarette Boat

Cigarette′ Boat`

Trademark. a large, narrow, inboard motorboat.
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But in my rich fantasy life -- racing towards the Ukrainian freighter bristling with weaponry on a high-speed cigarette boat I "borrowed" from a drug dealer who briefly turned his back at a dockside bar in Mogadishu -- I never thought I would have to make room for a flack.
And who wouldn't get a kick out of tooling around in the president's cigarette boat in Kennebunkport?
A good case in point is George Bush, whose 28-foot Cigarette boat, Fidelity, can reach speeds of 50-plus mph.
The Black Series Marauder from Cigarette boats provided such adrenaline pumping eye candy at the Miami International Boat Show, where it sold for just under $1 million.
Rowboats can never compete with cigarette boats for speed or stylishness, but when you're jumping off a sinking ship, lifeboats may almost seem sexy.
The scene at Indian Ranch - with charity raffles, children playing on the beach and cigarette boats floating in the shallows of Webster Lake - resembled a county fair more than a concert.
Families on cabin cruisers, rumbling cigarette boats, sleek yachts, fishing boats and Boston Whalers united on the river.
Customs Service seized 200 cigarette boats and 50 airplanes, one of which was a World War II-era bomber.
Kuwait-based Alghanim Marine reported high sales of its Cigarette boats - a high performance powerboat favoured by those looking for speed.
You know how the guys drive around in cigarette boats and eat pork rinds and you gotta be tough -- well, what does a woman do?