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a.1.Having the form of cilia; very fine or slender.
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flagellata, the ciliform and setiform laminar hairs reach 1.
0) mm thick, decurrently marginate from the laminar bases, with brown flaccid ciliform hairs (1.
3C), with many brown, setiform and ciliform hairs 1.
Sori single or 2(-3) pairs per segment, with 5-10 brown to castaneous, setiform or ciliform hairs 0.
0 mm thick, terete, densely hairy with setiform and ciliform hairs, usually rather lax, dark brown to castaneous, (1.
terete, with many dark brown setiform and ciliform hairs 1.
jimenezii differs in having longer segments, ciliform hairs clustered in the sori (vs.
terete, with many dark brown, setiform and ciliform hairs 1-3 mm long; simple and branched clavate hairs of crosiers and young fronds sometimes persistent on older fronds.
paradoxa in having longer setiform/ ciliform hairs (1.
Sori 2-10 pairs per segment, with 6-10 setiform or ciliform hairs 0.
10B); abaxially glabrous to densely hairy with evenly distributed, brown ciliform hairs 0.