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n.1.See Simar.
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To best serve its growing client base of private and NHS hospitals, Cimar now hosts a private cloud instance of DICOM Grid in the UK.
After going head-to-head with a number of strong teams in the qualifying round, we are even more confident in the NaviGATOR's abilities," said Dave Armstrong, project manager of Team CIMAR.
In addition, according to David Armstrong, from Team CIMAR, "The NaviGATOR relies heavily on three SICK LADARs (Laser Measurement Sensors) to detect obstacles and to accurately map the rugged terrain in real time.
CIMAR (Investigation Center for the Management of Renewable Natural Resources) is the SmartWood sanctioned certifier in Bolivia, and it is partnered with the Universidad Autonoma Gabriel Rene Moreno (Autonomic University Gabriel Rene Moreno).
Smiths, title sponsor of Team CIMAR, is participating in the contest to further develop the navigational technologies it currently provides on the military's Sentinel, Avenger, Humvee and M1A2 manned vehicle platforms.
This fall, Team CIMAR (Center for Intelligent Machines and Robotics) plans to unleash the NaviGATOR, an unmanned robotic vehicle that looks like a cross between a jeep and a swamp buggy, on 175 miles of uncharted terrain near Las Vegas, Nev.
Les Ciment Du Maroc Morocco Cimar -- CDM 59 EG-EFGH Efg-Hermes Egypt 60 SA-DSY Discovery Holdings Ltd South Africa 61 EG-BKAX Bank Of Alexandria Egypt 62 SA-MSM Massmart Holdings Ltd South Africa 63 SA-SHP Shoprite Holdings Ltd South Africa 64 SA-NPK Nampak Ltd South Africa 65 SA-SUI Sun International Ltd South Africa 66 SA-FOS Foschini Ltd South Africa 67 SA-ABL African Bank Investments Ltd South Africa 68 SA-JDG JD Group Ltd South Africa 69 SA-AEG Aveng Ltd South Africa 70 SA-MUR Murray and Roberts Holdings South Africa Ltd 71 EG-EISC Egyptian Iron and Steel Egypt Company 72 SA-AQP Aquarius Platinum Ltd South Africa 73 MO-SNI Soc.