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n.1.A kind of confectionery or cake.
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By eliminating some of the barriers, such as the need for new hardware or special readers, Cimbal has the opportunity to quickly grow merchant acceptance and drive consumer usage.
For transactions, a Cimbal user creates a payment request on his phone or the Web.
We are launching our person-to-person solution while we secure agreements with Global 3000 retailers to accept Cimbal as a new tender type, enabling consumers to pay with Cimbal in-store and online.
Merchant acceptance of Cimbal is cost effective and future-proof, simply adding Cimbal as a new tender type to a point of sale system.
Cimbal is definitely innovative and an awesome payment solution," said BizTechDay founder Edith Yeung.
Charlie Wen, a successful serial entrepreneur based in Silicon Valley and China adds, "I've being evaluating Cimbal since its inception.
Cimbal and The Smart Way to Pay(TM) are trademarks of Cimbal Holdings LLC.
The word cimbal (dulcimer) was already being used in the Bohemian Lands around 1680.
We will also be formulating the optimal way to integrate CPI Consulting's CIMBal database, Chemical Industry Financial Model, and the Chemical Industry Analysis Program (CIA Program) into CMAI's portfolio of client-services.
Complementing CMAI's recently launched Market Impact Report (MIR) service, the CPI Consulting additions include its Chemical Industry Analysis (CIA) program and its very flexible Chemical Industry Material Balance and Financial Performance analysis program known as CIMBal.
The report was prepared utilizing CPI Consulting's proprietary CIMBal database and model, and augmented by the company's overall knowledge of the global chemical industry and competitive issues and trends.
Further information about the Chemical Industry Analysis Program and the CIMBal model is available on the company's website at http://www.