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a.1.Of or pertaining to the Cimbri.
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Moreover, the Cimmerian author Ukko Ahti's novel Learning from the Steep Slope turns out to be the novel Without Fear of Wind or Vertigo by the Cimbrian author with pseudonym Vorts Viljandi.
Cimbrian or Gaul refuses to kill him, is granted clemency and passage on a ship by the Minturnians.
Though there are some historical records of these German people under the names of Cimbrians and Cimmerians, (13) Plutarch has conflated the historically attested German Cimbrians with the mythological Cimmerians of the Odyssey, who appear at the start of Book 11:
Due to the immense loss of ancient sources and Plutarch's own silence on the matter, it is unclear whether Plutarch was the first to connect the historical Cimbrians that Marius fights with the Cimmerians of Homer's Odyssey.
The second group of selections contains autobiographical reflections on such matters as the various names for "snow" in Rigoni's dialect, the evocative force of old postcards, the ancient Cimbrian inhabitants of the Italian Alps, and Rigoni's friendship with another famous Italian survivor, the scientist and Holocaust writer Primo Levi.
The following day, the battle--one of the most substantial the world had seen since Vercellae at the end of the Cimbrian War five and a half centuries earlier--centered on a knife-edged ridge, the capture of which would confer tactical advantage.