Cimicifuga racemosa

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Noun1.Cimicifuga racemosa - North American bugbane found from Maine and Ontario to Wisconsin and south to GeorgiaCimicifuga racemosa - North American bugbane found from Maine and Ontario to Wisconsin and south to Georgia
bugbane - a plant of the genus Cimicifuga having flowers in long racemes or panicles reported to be distasteful to insects
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Cimicifuga racemosa (black cohosh) is commonly used as an alternative agent to hormonal therapy for the treatment of menopausal complaints, but the mechanism of action and its receptor selectivity are not well understood.
Efficacy and tolerability of a medicinal product containing an isopropanolic Cimicifuga racemosa, aka black cohosh (iCR) extract was in Chinese women from five hospitals in China, with menopausal symptoms: a randomized, double blind, parallel-controlled study versus tibolone.
Introduction: It was the aim of the present experiments to examine potential antidiabetic effects of the Cimicifuga racemosa extract Ze 450.
Critical evaluation of the safety of cimicifuga racemosa in menopause symptom relief.
Cimicifuga racemosa Nutt, black cohosh, family Ranunculaceae
27,30) The majority used Remifemin, a standardised extract of Cimicifuga racemosa root containing 1 mg of the triterpene 27-deoxyacetein per tablet.
Effects of extracts from Cimicifuga racemosa on gonadotropin release in menopausal women and ovariectomized rats.
black cohosh Available over the counter; also known as Cimicifuga racemosa.
There's not much I can usefully add, but you may be interested in a natural supplement called Black Cohosh (extract of Cimicifuga racemosa L) which has been clinically proven to ease hot flushes and disturbed sleep caused by night sweats in women.
And in pockets all across the island, plants like meadow rue (Thalictrum rochebrunianum), Cimicifuga racemosa, and C.