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1. Formation of new tissue.
2. Formation of a neoplasm or neoplasms.


(Medicine) an abnormal growth of tissue, the development of a neoplasm, or the process that results in the production of a neoplasm or tumour


(ˌni oʊˈpleɪ ʒə, -ʒi ə, -zi ə)

the formation and growth of neoplasms.


the abnormal proliferation of benign or malignant cells. — neoplastic, adj.
See also: Cancer
the growth or formation of a neoplasm. — neoplastic, adj.
See also: Growth
the growth or formation of aneoplasm. — neoplastic, adj.
See also: Body, Human
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Noun1.neoplasia - the pathological process that results in the formation and growth of a tumor
pathologic process, pathological process - an organic process occurring as a consequence of disease


n. neoplasia, formación de neoplasmas.


n neoplasia (proceso)
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The application rate of ORE and CIN was determined by our earlier study, while OA was added as recommend by the manufacturer.
Group 2: Cervicitis with CIN 1: In women with cervicitis and CIN 1, only 10% still had a bacterial and/ or fungal cervicitis.
Cin, Gresham 9-62, Bernard 5-45, Sanu 1-16, Tate 1-12, Sanzenbacher 1-11.
Co-testing with Pap smears and our HC2 technology has proven to be up to 100% sensitive for detection of CIN 2+ HPV.
Pour atteindre cet objectif, la DGSN a pris toutes les mesures necessaires au niveau des centres d'enregistrement des donnees d'identite a travers le Royaume, et ce pour faciliter l'operation d'attribution des CIN electroniques.
A computer-based search of the CoPath (Cerner Corporation, Kansas City, Missouri) laboratory information system database at Magee-Womens Hospital (MWH) of the UPMC was carried out to retrieve cases with histopathologic diagnoses of CIN 2 or CIN 3 (CIN 2/3) diagnosed during a 65-month period between July 2005 and November 2010.
these RAAS blocking agents as nephrotoxic and exacerbating renal failure with CIN whereas other reports have touted the use of these same RAAS blocking agents to protect the kidneys from the effects of CIN (4-8).
The hurdle is significant and is especially important when physicians with different economic relationships with a hospital constitute the CIO, CIN or ACO (e.
It was essential to increase the capacity in a segment--Industrial Finishes--which is geared towards exports and which has ample business potential for the CIN Group," said Joao Serrenho, chairman of the CIN Group.
This investment is expected to allow the brand to increase its operations in key overseas markets such as Central Europe, and also strengthens the CIN Group's presence in Portugal, driving an increase in its current market share.
The Ataman family has accused the Cin family of selling their child to the PKK.
CIN is diagnosed on the basis of the dynamic changes in serum creatinine after exposure to iodine contrast media.