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 (sĭn′sə-năt′əs, -nā′təs), Lucius Quinctius 519?-438 bc.
Roman statesman who according to tradition was twice called away from his farm to assume the dictatorship of Rome (458 and 439).


(Biography) Lucius Quinctius (ˈluːsɪəs ˈkwɪŋktɪəs). ?519–438 bc, Roman general and statesman, regarded as a model of simple virtue; dictator of Rome during two crises (458; 439), retiring to his farm after each one


(ˌsɪn səˈneɪ təs, -ˈnæt əs)

Lucius Quinctius, 519?–439? B.C., Roman general and statesman.
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Noun1.Cincinnatus - Roman statesman regarded as a model of simple virtueCincinnatus - Roman statesman regarded as a model of simple virtue; he twice was called to assume dictatorship of Rome and each time retired to his farm (519-438 BC)


[ˌsɪnsɪˈnɑːtəs] nCincinnato
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He lived in a magnificent hotel and was one of the matadors of finance, did business with Ouvrard, kept open house, and led the scandalous life of the period,--the life of a Cincinnatus, on sacks of corn harvested without trouble, stolen rations, "little houses" full of mistresses, in which were given splendid fetes to the Directors of the Republic.
Having finished her pies, she moved towards the clothes-horse, and said, "Come here and tell me the story I told you on Wednesday, about Cincinnatus.
Cincinnatus, I am sure, would have been sorry to see his daughter behave so.
She joined Cincinnatus in 2006, and has served in a number of interim leadership capacities for nonprofit organizations and provided consulting services in strategic planning, organizational assessments, fundraising, mergers, and executive search for dozens of nonprofit clients.
And Wills goes on to elucidate the nub of Jefferson's concern: "in accepting the ideal of Cincinnatus, Washington automatically limited the dangers of charismatic leadership, which is always at least quasi-religious, an assertion of semi-divine 'grace.
27, 1788, reprinted in 16 Documentary HISTORY, supra note 1, at 240 (fictional letter about how Federalists are creating an aristocracy, assisted by the power of the Senate to alter money bills); Cincinnatus IV, To fames Wilson, Esquire, N.
And anybody willing to do what it takes to become president is unlikely to transform himself into a self-denying Cincinnatus once in office.
The Return of George Washington, as well-researched and well-told a work of popular history as anything published this year, begins by celebrating this decision of Washington's to be a new Cincinnatus, to surrender his vast military power and retire to the life of a Virginia plantation owner.
Joseph began Cortland-Chenango Rural Services 27 years ago in Cincinnatus, in the heart of central New York State.
Storming Heaven's opening, narrated by Cincinnatus Jefferson Marcum, exemplifies Giardinas characters' eloquence:
The histories of the Roman Republic and the United States of America are oddly parallel, such as Cincinnatus, "the father of his country," strangely like George Washington.
Asked repeatedly whether he wanted to be PM, Mr Johnson replied: "If, like the Roman leader Cincinnatus, I were to be called from my plough to serve in that office I wouldn't, of course, say No.