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Noun1.Cinclus - type genus of the family CinclidaeCinclus - type genus of the family Cinclidae  
bird genus - a genus of birds
Cinclidae, family Cinclidae - water ouzels
Cinclus aquaticus, European water ouzel - a water ouzel of Europe
American water ouzel, Cinclus mexicanus - a water ouzel of western North America
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An advanced telco strategy: the Telenor Cinclus case study .
ENERGY RESOURCE-24 January 2007-BEA Systems Tapped for Telenor Cinclus Meter Reading Installation in Scandinavia(C)2007 JeraOne - http://www.
Key customer, partner and end-user agreements signed during the quarter included Abbott Laboratories, American Cancer Society, American Red Cross, Applied Materials, Banco Caja Social, Bio-Rad, Boston Scientific, ChevronTexaco, China Mobile, China Netcom, China Taxation, Duke Energy, eBay, Entergy Corporation, Fastweb, Global Payments Europe, INAIL Direzione Servizi Informativi, Monsanto, Motorola, Nationwide, NJM Insurance Group, PT Sistemas de Informacao, Reuters, RSPCA, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Superior Courts of California, SuperValue, Telefonica O2 Czech Republic, Telemar, Telenor Cinclus AS, US Air Force, US Army, US Department of Defense, US Federal Bureau of Investigation, Vivo, Wachovia Corporation, Welzorg and Williams Scotsman.
Telenor Cinclus first to market in Scandinavia with a large scale GPRS- based Automated Meter Reading Solution with BEA WebLogic(R) Integration
1 Fortum Sweden rolls out 600,000 GPRS meters with Telenor Cinclus 132
Case Studies: - Ambient Devices - Clear Channel - General Motors - Nazbatag - On Star - Orange Healthcare - Telenor Cinclus - Tom Tom
The joint venture includes Portuguese consultant CINCLUS and Anglo- American consultant Gibb, Ltd.