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(Film) trademark an anamorphic process of wide-screen film projection in which an image of approximately twice the usual width is squeezed into a 35mm frame and then screened by a projector having complementary lenses


® [ˈsɪnəməskəʊp] NCinemascope ® m


nCinemascope® nt


® [ˈsɪnɪməˌskeʊp] ncinemascope ® m
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Toshiba has launched the U840W Cinemascope Ultrabook - the world's first 21:9 ratio laptop.
In the 1950s roadshowing reassumed much of its earlier significance, as the major studios marketed their respective wide-screen and stereo sound formats--Twentieth Century-Fox's Cinemascope being an example--that would hopefully tempt audiences away from the television screen and back into movie houses.
Take, for example, the cycle "The Four Seasons," 1982-84: In Cinemascope formats and Technicolor hues, palm fronds poke from the pictures' edges, guiding the viewer's gaze to the emptiness at their centers, the monochrome skies that convey the course of the Californian seasons in artificial colors.
During a moment in the classic movie, the ivory pleated Travilla dress flew up as air rose from the subway grate underneath, revealing Monroe's legs, in the glory of Technicolor and CinemaScope.
Think of Cinerama, Cinemascope, Todd-AO, Vistavision and Sensurround.
Murthy helped paint the dark and poignant world of Guru Dutt's movies and was the first person to shoot in cinemascope.
The audio network reached all areas of the Concert Hall using fiber and CAT5 cabling, audio equipment from D&B Audiotechnik, over 30 amplifiers, Barco projectors and high-def 2048x1080 CinemaScope screen.
The Spanish theater troupe La Furadels Baus, in its first operatic effort, projected banal text on the walls and kept things busy on the cinemascope stage of the Bastille, denuded expect for the giant plastic shapes that are hoisted up and down, deflate or swell and, like a sponge, soak up vocal effort.
In contrast to the earlier sections, the discussion of the CinemaScope technology itself is quite limited.
It's brilliant - like seeing the world in cinemascope.
Director of photography Bernhard Jasper shoots in a cinemascope to capture the expanse of shimmering blue and solitude.
Who else, she wondered, would have their ultrasound up there on the screen in Cinemascope