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 (sĭn′ə-răm′ə, -rä′mə)
A trademark for a motion-picture process designed to produce wide-screen images.


(Film) trademark wide-screen presentation of films using either three separate 35mm projectors or one 70mm projector to produce an image on a large deeply curved screen


nCinerama® nt
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This incredible event will be housed inArcLight's iconic Cinerama Dome, designed to spark a broader, more transparent dialog that focuses on current and emerging topics with analysis and depth that has not yet been explored by a dedicated program.
The BB stood for Bright & Beautiful and the name Cinerama had nothing to do with the later wide screen process.
Gary goes on to tell us that: "Cinemascope came to the Park Hall and was succeeded around 1962 by a brave attempt to save the fading cinema with the coming of Cinerama.
Cinerama opened at the Abbey in 1964 - this being the second installation in the north west, the first being at the Theatre Royal, Manchester in 1963.
Vintage Cinerama Western with a slack narrative and a wayward perspective.
Think of Cinerama, Cinemascope, Todd-AO, Vistavision and Sensurround.
Now the restored Cinerama Dome is part of ArcLight Cinemas, where star sightings are a definite possibility--ArcLight Presents .
Since its inception in 1963, the iconic Cinerama Dome has never played a movie in 3D format as it was considered technically impossible," said XpandD, a provider of 3D technology, which today announced a deal with the theater's owner, Arclight Cinemas, to give moviegoers a chance to see the film in that format.
I have always been interested in cinema and photography and remember going to see old Cinerama shows in the 1950s which were fantastic.
And now, when it comes to communicating with its audiences, Cinerama will be 21st century all the way.
Derderian This corner Cinerama had hosted my 284 columns in The Star during the past six years.
Made in Cinerama widescreen, the film has been remastered in BluRay.