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cin·e·rar·i·a 1

Plural of cinerarium.

cin·e·rar·i·a 2

Any of several hybrid ornamental plants (Senecio ×hybridus syn. Pericallis ×hybrida) in the composite family, derived from species native to the Canary Islands and widely cultivated for their showy, variously colored flowers.

[New Latin Cinerāria, genus in which the plants were formerly classified, from feminine of Latin cinerārius, of ashes (in reference to the dusty or ash-covered appearance of the leaves of some species in the genus); see cinerarium.]


(Plants) a plant, Senecio cruentus, of the Canary Islands, widely cultivated for its blue, purple, red, or variegated daisy-like flowers: family Asteraceae (composites)
[C16: from New Latin, from Latin cinerārius of ashes, from cinis ashes; from its downy leaves]


(ˌsɪn əˈrɛər i ə)

n., pl. -rar•i•as.
any variety of a composite plant, Senecio hybridus, of the Canary Islands, having clusters of flowers with variegated rays.
[1590–1600; < New Latin, feminine of cinerārius ashen (see cinerarium); so named from ash-colored down on leaves]
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Noun1.cineraria - herb of Canary Islands widely cultivated for its blue or purple or red or variegated daisylike flowerscineraria - herb of Canary Islands widely cultivated for its blue or purple or red or variegated daisylike flowers
flower - a plant cultivated for its blooms or blossoms
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A gilt bamboo jardiniere, in which the primulas and cinerarias were punctually renewed, blocked the access to the bay window (where the old- fashioned would have preferred a bronze reduction of the Venus of Milo); the sofas and arm-chairs of pale brocade were cleverly grouped about little plush tables densely covered with silver toys, porcelain animals and efflorescent photograph frames; and tall rosy-shaded lamps shot up like tropical flowers among the palms.
In "Five-Twenty", cinerarias display "the colours of flesh with blood pulsing beneath the skin" (Beston 1975: 524).
Sow cinerarias now for flower at Christmas and follow on with successional sowings in May and June.
Start sowing cinerarias for flowering at Christmas.
Other splendid choices include ferns, campanulas, dianthus, cinerarias, lobelia, lotus, black-eyed Susan, coleus and the ever-popular geranium.
Choose azaleas, calendulas, cinerarias, cyclamen, kalanchoe, pansies, English primroses, fairy primroses, Primula obconica, and snapdragons.
Cinerarias are also incredibly hardy and I've used them successfully in autumn and even winter bedding displays.
Minimum Light Levels for Common Potted Plants in Interior Landscape Settings 50-100 Footcandles 100-200 Footcandles 200-500 Footcandles Azaleas Anthuriums Calceolarias Chrysanthemums Bromeliads Cinerarias Kalanchoes Cyclamens Easter lilies Poinsettias Jerusalem cherry Gloxinias Orchids Hibiscus Ornamental peppers Hybrid lilies Rieger begonias Hydrangeas Spring bulbs Source: Dr.
Calceolarias and cinerarias should be sown under glass.