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n. sing. &1.A native or natives of Ceylon descended from its primitive inhabitants
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as we are assured by the "Floriste Francaise," the most highly considered authority in matters relating to this flower) is the first word in the Cingalese tongue which was ever used to designate that masterpiece of floriculture which is now called the tulip.
This munificent charity from the man of the waters to the poor Cingalese was accepted with a trembling hand.
When the tourist season was over, the steamer ran between London and Australia, stopping at Ceylon, and there Olsen sold the ivory to a Cingalese jeweller for two imitation sapphires.
Certainly the only oriental whom I met, the Cingalese Bandaranaike, returned to Colombo fiercely anti-British.
Abbiamo girato nel quartiere dove vive la comunita cingalese, sono piu di 7000.