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Noun1.cinnamon roll - rolled dough spread with cinnamon and sugar (and raisins) then sliced before bakingcinnamon roll - rolled dough spread with cinnamon and sugar (and raisins) then sliced before baking
coffee roll, sweet roll - any of numerous yeast-raised sweet rolls with our without raisins or nuts or spices or a glaze
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Flavors include red velvet, chocolate chip, lemon, marble, pecan praline, carrot, vanilla, cinnamon swirl and white chocolate raspberry.
So she might be none the wiser about whether he did his homework, but she knows he likes posh snacks because he shared a cinnamon swirl with Albert at lunchtime.
The product lineup includes Vanilla Cinnamon Swirl, Chocolate Peanut Butter and Strawberry Shortcake, as well as the newly introduced Double Chocolate Fudge and Cafe Mocha.
Breakfast is given a healthy keto makeover with such temptations as a glazed coconut flour pancake with cinnamon swirl, and many fun, single-serve meal ideas are easy enough to apportion and pack for lunch, like Ham and Cheese Egg Muffin in a Mug or Buffalo Chicken Salad in a jar.
Tenders are invited for Bread, Cinnamon Swirl, Frozen, 10 Loaf/Case.
What's more, on the Greek yogurt front, the manufacturer expanded its successful OPA by Litehouse Greek Yogurt Dressings line to include the industry's first pourable Greek yogurt-based dressing, and grew its Opadipity Greek Yogurt Dip line with three new options: Spicy Asiago Artichoke, Greek Olive and Cinnamon Swirl.
In "Cook It in Cast Iron: Kitchen-Tested Recipes for the One Pan That Does It All", the editors of Cook's Country will show you everything you need to know about cast-iron cookware and the many (and often surprising) dishes you can cook and bake in this multitasker of a pan, from the classic dishes everyone knows and loves like steak, perfect fried eggs, and cornbread, to innovative and inspiring recipes like skillet apple pie, pizza, and cinnamon swirl bread.
Individual loaves outside the sandwich-specific breads such as sunflower oatmeal, cinnamon swirl, roasted garlic and more are available for purchase over the counter.
The focus is similar at 5 Generation Bakers, where the current project is reformulating its cinnamon swirl breads to shorten the ingredient list, which includes the elimination of four enrichments and palm oil.
IHOP Restaurants celebrate spring with the introduction of the new Cinnamon Swirl Brioche French Toast.
Mexican Chocolatl has rich powdery cocoa notes blended with sweet spices and a warm cinnamon swirl.
The new products in the line include Cinnamon Swirl, Berry Kiss, Lemon Citrus, and Lilies and Lilacs.