Cipher key

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a key to assist in reading writings in cipher.

See also: Cipher

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KeyExpansion--round keys are derived from the cipher key using Rijndael's key schedule
The current cipher text is produced by current plain text, cipher key and former plain or cipher text.
A cipher key is the method used to encode a plaintext and decode a ciphertext.
Notice that, to use this method Playfair cipher key [SK], two random numbers seeds [R] and [K] are required for recovering the plaintext [P].
Since large is a relative term, it should be defined for cryptographic purposes, that is, for selection of the cipher key.
The eSATA port encrypts any external eSATA hard drive or SSD with the simple insertion of the Cipher key.
The subkeys are derived from the cipher key (master key) using the key schedule algorithm.
All the user has to do is to insert the correct Cipher key before powering on the system or the storage device.
The subkeys (roundkey) are derived from the cipher key using the key schedule algorithm [9].
This makes Addonics encrypted media much harder to hack because the drive or media appear as blank media when accessed without the Cipher key.
Encryption and decryption is activated by the simple insertion of a physical cipher key into the enclosure.