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A constellation in the Southern Hemisphere near Musca and Triangulum Australe.

[New Latin, from Latin circinus, pair of compasses, from circus, circle; see circle.]


n, Latin genitive Circini (ˈsɜːsɪˌnaɪ)
(Astronomy) a small faint constellation in the S hemisphere close to Centaurus and the Southern Cross
[C19: from Latin, a pair of compasses]
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Noun1.Circinus - a small faint constellation in the southern hemisphere near Musca and Triangulum Australe
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The shape of the Circinus constellation resembles a long, acute-angled triangle with Alpha Circini pointing SW Beta and Gamma Circini completes the shape of the image, approximately 7 degrees NW.
The southern hemisphere, and in particular the Circinus constellation, possesses a cascade with the eye-catching asterism cluster VdB-Ha 164.